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Use IoT’s solutions and technologies to make your hospitals and your service better

Indoors or outdoors, our solutions are adapted to your project and your expectations. We invite you to discover the solutions already existing and deployed in hospitals.


Géolocalisation hôpitaux

Locate your equipment inside and outside your buildings to prevent loss or theft. You can also use the same installation to inventory your equipment.
Outdoors, locate commercial vehicle to know vehicle available. You can also track mileage and know at any time which vehicles need to be serviced.


parking comptage

Outside, count the number of vehicles entering and leaving your parking, using laser counting. You can indicate visitors the number of available places and make it easier for patients to come in.
By installing parking space counting sensors, you make the work of your staff easier because they can know in advance how many spaces are available to parking your commercial vehicle.


hopital temp1

Measure the temperature and humidity inside to improve the comfort of patients, visitors and staff. Constantly monitor these two indicators to track your consumption and reduce your costs.
You can also monitor your water and energy consumption inside your building to minimize it. Detect threshold overruns and changes in status. 

You wish to improve the daily life of your users and the functioning of your structure ?