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Population counting

(Pedestrians, cyclists…)

Count and analyze population flow in and out of buildings

Population flow analysis

As a community, company, shop or public infrastructure, people counting is a tool to help reorganize any place, inside or outside. 

In the city, count the number of pedestrians or cyclists to optimize the configuration of your roads or footpaths. You can also analyze speed, measure length classification or make individual or aggregate records. You can also use wireless terminals to count and analyze traffic flows.

Count the number of people entering and leaving a building. Install a presence detection sensor to optimize your energy costs and improve safety.

Adapt your spaces according to the number of people using them (pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, etc.), always ensure the safety of your premises and optimize their configuration.

Outdoor counting 

Capteur - Comptage - Cyclistes - Pietons

Main features : 
Simultaneous detection of pedestrians, cyclists, scooters etc. 
Battery life : on solar panel
Box : IP66
Communication : GSM

Indoor counting

Comptage par caméra

Main features : 
Counting at the entrance and exit of the building
Communication : Ethernet

Comptage de personnes intérieur

Main features : 
Battery life : 10 years
Box : IP66
Communication : LoRa
Manufacturer : logo sensecap

NomoSense hypervisor

On our hypervisor, you will find all the counting data represented in the form of a heat map, an attendance schedule (hours, days) or even a graph. This visualization allows you to analyze the frequentation of the spaces to optimize them to improve the daily life of the users, the personnel or the other visitors. 

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