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Data display

Complete solutions, including the return of information to users

In addition to our hypervisor for city or building managers, which is available on the various terminals, we can install displays on the premises or on the project site itself. Displays allow for quick access to data for decision making or to inform users of the service. These displays are used for metering solutions:

  • Display of the number of places available in such and such areas on a panel
  • Display on screen of the number of people present in tunnels or other construction sites
  • Display on screen the number of people present in a space in real time (restaurants, shops, etc.)

Identify in real time the number of people/places, ensure the safety of staff and users, optimize everyone’s daily life and act quickly in the event of a problem


TTS afficheur

Main features :
Customizable and 100% made-to-measure
Lacquered aluminum profile
Manufacturer :



Main features :
Custom length
Manufacturer :