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Go to My Profile -> My Account, click on the pencil and fill in the categories to change your password.


The user can be only read the data to which he has access


The user can act on equipment data and/or its parameters


The user can create others users, manage their rights and can also manage sites, projects or equipment

Only user with administrator rights can add a sensor. Click here to access the “Add a sensor” documentation.

To export graphic : click on the button of the right of the graphic, choose among the proposals how to export your graphic (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG, Excel, CSV).

To export data : Go to the category of the data you wish to export, click on the button . Choose the export mode by clicking on one of the buttons at the top right of the table

Go to Equipment category, click on the magnifying glass and go to the Alarms tab : . In the section Activation of alarms, check the boxes of the alarms you want to receive, your email address is automatically registered in the list of alarm subscribers.   

Only users with Administrator roles can add new users. Go to the Admin – Users category, click on the button , fill in all information about this new user, the default password is written in red.  

Only people with Administrator roles cas delete the sensors or the users. 

To delete a sensor, go to the Equipment category, choose the equipment to be deleted and click on the magnifying glass. Once in the equipment details, click on the trash can at the top . A confirmation message appears for validation. 

To delete a user, go to the User category, check the box of the item you want to delete and then click on the trash can at the top right . A confirmation message appears for validation.

Go to Data category, open the Dates tab : , choose “This month” and click on Apply. The graphic will automatically update and you can choose all the dates you want. The Dates tab is also available in the page detail of each sensor or in the raw data table.

You can go in the Support category and submit a ticket to contact support or send an email directly to