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Quality sensors adapt at our project

The first step in completing your IoT project is to find the right sensor for the right measurement. As a service operator, we use quality partners. They allow us to offer you the best equipment according to your uses. Each sensor has its own characteristics and constraints, and can be used in different cases. This is why we assist and advise you in this choice according to your project.

Environmental sensors

Water and electricity metering

telereleve compteur d'eau

Water level detection

Capteur - Environnement - Niveau eau
Capteur - Environnement - sonde

Management of the waste filling rate

Temperature and humidity inside


Temperature and humidity outside 

Capteur - Environnement - Station Meteo Urbaine- png

Temperature road

temp chaussee
Capteur - Environnement - Température sol - seninglab

Air quality


Counting sensors

Pedestrians and cyclists counting

Capteur - Comptage - Cyclistes - Pietons

Population counting via Wifi


Vehicle counting 

temp chaussee

Camera counting of vehicle

Capteur - détection de mouvement de foule
Comptage par caméra

Counting of parking spaces

Capteur - Comptage - place parking -png

Geolocation sensors

Geolocation and equipment inventory

Industrial Tracker

Geolocation lone worker

Capteur - geoloc -abeeway

Geolocation ATEX

Beacon - Geolocalisation - ECOM

Security sensors

Camera crowd motion detection

Capteur - détection de mouvement de foule

Movement flow detection via Wifi


Detection of abnormal door opening

ouverture anormal

Our partners

Thanks to our various partners, our team is able to offer you the sensor adapted to your project. We take care that the different requirements related to connectivity, environment, autonomy, costs, installation etc. are taken into account in order to provide you with a quality service.

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