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Discover our IoT solutions adapted to your transport infrastructure



With geolocation sensors, locate your equipment inside and outside your infrastructure to prevent theft or loss.
You can also use geolocation solutions to track trains on the line and identify when maintenance needs to be done.

Counting and flow analysis 

Comptage à l'intérieur gare train

Count the number of people entering and leaving your transportation infrastructure. You can install a presence detection sensor or use our counting and flow analysis solution via wifi to optimize configuration of your premises. Also count your teams in the underground worksites. 


To provide optimum comfort for your users, use temperature and humidity sensors. Measure, analyse and act for the well-being of visitors and professionals. Monitor your energy consumption and reduce your costs.

Staff security


Also locate your workers in dangerous or deep areas to optimise the safety of your teams and quickly alert the fire brigade in the event of a problem. You can also use it to locate your isolated workers.

A range of sensors adapted to the railway world

Temperature measurement

Température train

Needle positioning


Positioning of the derailleur hanger

Taquet dérailleur train

Axle counter

Compteur d'essieu

Clamping measurement

Serrage rail

Detection of the passage


Dance of the Way

Danse de la voie train

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