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Improve the daily life and working conditions of your teams

The Internet of Things (IoT) in the service sector: a real opportunity to optimise the comfort and performance of your teams.


bureau intérieur environnement

Measure many environmental variables within your building to improve the comfort of your staff. By installing air quality and smoke detection sensors, you can optimise the safety and health of your staff.
In addition to improving the well-being of your staff, temperature/humidity, presence detection, noise and remote reading sensors allow you to adapt your consumption (water, energy, etc.) and make savings.


Géolocalisation de matériel

Use geolocation to track your equipment stocks, this solution can make it easier for you to take inventory. Track your equipment remotely when your teams go out on an intervention and prevent any possible theft or loss.


Parking entreprise tertiaire

By installing parking sensors in your company car park, your employees can see in a few clicks whether there are any spaces available before they arrive at the office. This solution makes it easier for your employees or even visitors to come to your premises.

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