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Modernise your private or public car parks by connecting them with IoT

No need to install cables to inform people about the available spaces in your car park.

We offer a connected solution for the management of your car parks, whether they are private car parks, street parking spaces or other public car parks. The installation of the sensors on a parking space is done quickly and without damaging the road. The equipment is fixed to the road with glue, no drilling work is required. The sensor will detect when a vehicle parks above it and will distinguish between normal and PRM or electric spaces in order to send the information to the displays at the entrance of the car park.

This seat guidance system connected to a wireless LoRa network sends the data back to our web platform. This allows you to visualise the number of visitors in real time, the frequency of use of PRM or electric spaces, etc. This offer can be completed by air quality sensors that will analyse the fine particles in the car park. This allows you to implement corrective actions.

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