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We are a company of NomoTech Group based on the market of internet of things. It in this connected world that we bring at cities and buildings managers a centralized management solution. Our solutions permit an optimization of human and material resources. We are committed on a daily basis to ensure continuity of service and optimize the performance of our solutions.  We are especially involved in the evolution of our services according to new technologies.

Contact us to learn more about our other services and solutions. Connect you to the world of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) through a project that fits you.

Our commitment

Maintain and increase the quality of service

Deploy adapted solutions

Ensuring a coherence return on investment

Making digital technologies accessible

Ensure application scalability

NomoTech Group

NomoSense has been part of the (logo groupe), telecommunication player since 2003. After the creation of the first company, NomoTech, 3 other companies have subsequently developed, including NomoSense.

Nomotech, the parent company, is the No. 1 alternative network in France. A radio specialist since 2003, Nomotech puts its know-how at the service of its subsidiaries to support them.

Logo Nomosphere Public Wifi network operator providing packaged solutions adapted to each sector of activity. Wifi brings much more than just internet access.

Logo Ozone ISP of the Nomotech group which offers Internet, television and mobile or fixed-line telephone subscriptions. For example, you can test your eligibility online or get information about their offers.