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Count and analyse vehicle flows on your roads

Counting vehicles and parking spaces

On urban or non-urban roads, count the vehicles (trucks, cars, etc.). To do this, you can use artificial intelligence applications to analyse the videos of cameras. You can also use sensors such as laser sensors and electromagnetic sensors implanted in the ground.

You can also count the number of parking spaces available thanks to the sensor that detects and reports the occupancy of a space. This enables active parking management in search, navigation or reservation.

Count and index traffic, optimise your roads according to the frequency, improve your civil engineering operations and make a positive impact on pollution and environment.

trafic routier urbain

Vehicle counting (trucks, motorcycles, cars…)

Features :
Traffic measurement,
No inconvenience because the sensor is buried in the roadway,
Battery life ≥ 7 years,
Box: IP67,
Communication: LoRa,
Manufacturer : 

Counting of parking spaces

Capteur - Comptage - place parking

Features :
Two independent sensors: magnetometer and radar,
Life battery: up to 5 years,
Box: IP67
Communication: LoRa,
Manufacturer : 

NomoSense Platform

Démo plateforme NomoSense comptage

Find on our IoT platform a restitution of your counting data in the form of heat maps, raw data, tables, maps…

A counting project for your city, business, shop or infrastructure ?