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Smart Cities are the future : connect to ever more effective and exact Internet of Things solutions.

Smart cities


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Use counting to find out how many pedestrians or cyclists are using your area. You can use this solution to optimise the configuration of your premises.
On urban roads or outside built-up areas, count the number of vehicles (trucks, cars, etc.) on the road.
Use the artificial intelligence of your video surveillance cameras or sensors (laser, electromagnetic, etc.).
You can also count the number of parking spaces available.


Smart City France

Assess the air quality in order to act on the well-being of the population. You can measure fine particles, air pollution or gas in the air.
Analyse the water level and quality of rivers, streams and groundwater to be alerted in case of flooding.
Monitor your consumption to counter possible water leaks, energy losses or other mechanism malfunctions.
Measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation etc. outside. You can also measure the temperature of your roads to detect the onset of cold weather or manage heat islands.

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