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One stop offer

An one stop offer : from the sensor to the data platform

One stop offer reflects a complete solution from problem detection to resolution. We invite you to discover all the steps of our offer:


Step 1: Study of your needs

Listening to you, we study your project, your needs and your expectations. We take into account the requirements of the project (environment, autonomy, costs, maintenance…) in order to perfectly analyze your request and offer you a tailor-made service whether it is for sensors or on our data restitution platform.

Step 2: Installation and Deployment

Thanks to our quality partners, we can answer all your projects by identifying the sensor and the connectivity you need. We help you in this choice to find the sensor and the connection in perfect adequacy with your expectations. For the installation of the sensors, our team can go on site. Then, we follow your project continuously and are available in case of problems or questions.

Step 3: Data restitution

The service platform allows data to be retrieved, stored in a big data environment and exchanged in security. Then, we offer you an optimal and ergonomic viewing of your data on our IoT platform. Each project being different, all the collected data are available in various forms (dashboard, alerts, open data, API…) for a complete restitution.

Step 4: Supervision

All the tools will be made available to you to take the best decisions for your organization. We offer you the possibility to be active in our solution, you can :

  • Manage your objects, your sensors and your connection;
  • Analyze and export your data;
  • Be alerted in case of problems or abnormal events;
  • Act efficiently and quickly.

Step 5: Monitoring and innovation

We are constantly looking for new developments in sensors, connectivity and data retrieval. This in order to offer you a tailor-made service linked with your needs.  We want to simplify access to the Internet of Things for everyone by offering form beginning to end.

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