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Pack comptage en ville

Use the city counting pack to the visits in your city

Thanks to our partner , we offer a city counting pack to local authorities. This pack allows to count motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in public spaces (parks, roads, commercial avenues…). This in order to know the number of visits and to react accordingly. 

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Contents of the pack :

  • 1 Cityradar counting sensor
  • 2 CCTV cameras
  • 2 WiFi terminals
  • 3 months access to the cloud service

Applications :

  • Non-intrusive counting of vehicles and motorcycle on 1 or 2 lanes, including in the same direction
  • Bi-directional counting of bicycles and pedestrians
  • Counting and analysis of population flows via WiFi
  • Counting and analysis of displacement flows thanks to CCTV cameras

Advantages :

Arrange your spaces according to the number of visitors, optimize their configurations, improve your civil engineering operations, count and list traffic. 

Products features :