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Count and analyze the flow of pedestrians and cyclists in your public spaces

Population flow analysis

Comptage à l'intérieur gare train

Your are a community, a business, a store or a public infrastructure ? People counting is a tool to help reorganize any location, whether it is outdoors or indoors. 

In the city, count the number of pedestrians or cyclists to optimize the configuration of your roads or pedestrian way. You can also analyze speed, measure length classification or make individual or aggregate records. You can also use Wifi terminals to count and analyse the flow of displacement.
In a building, you can count the person entering and leaving. A presence detection sensor can also optimize your energy costs and improve security.

Adapt your spaces according to the number of visitors (pedestrians, cyclists, scooters…), ensure the safety of your premises at all times and optimise their configuration.

Pedestrians / cyclists counting

Population counting via Wifi

Capteur - Comptage - Cyclistes - Pietons

Features :
Counting: bicycles, pedestrians, vehicles,
Battery life: on solar panel + 10 days on internal battery,
Box: IP66,
Communication: GSM,
Manufacturer :

Comptage par wifi

Features :
Communication : WiFi,
Manufacturer :

Kerlink Wave

Features :
Battery life: on electrical outlet,
Box: IP30,
Communication: LoRa,
Manufacturer :

Démo plateforme NomoSense comptage

Find on our IoT platform a restitution of your counting data in the form of heat maps, raw data, tables, maps…

A counting project for your city, business, shop or infrastructure?