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Optimize the attractiveness and dynamism of your territory

A connected territory includes all public actors in its digital transformation: municipalities, energy unions, departments, regions, etc. All the services of a territory will be connected to each other in order to optimize and simplify their management.


Use counting to identify the number of pedestrians or cyclists on the road and optimize the configuration of the site.
On all types of roads, count the number of vehicles (trucks, cars…), control the condition of the roads and remotely manage the signaling to make the traffic flow.
Use the guidance system to inform citizens of available parking spaces or streets.
You can also geolocate the public transportation fleet to optimize the public service of your connected territory.


Assess the air quality in order to act on the well-being of the population. Analyze the water level and water quality (rivers, streams…) to alert the population in case of flooding.
Measure temperature, humidity, solar radiation, etc. outside. You can also measure the temperature of your roads to detect the arrival of cold weather or manage heat islands.
Improve the daily life of the inhabitants by controlling public lighting, watering of public places and managing waste collection according to the filling.

Public building

Simplify the management of public establishments (schools, city halls, museums, hospitals…) by installing connected lighting, noise management or environmental measurement sensors (temperature, humidity, CO2…) in reception areas.
Use geolocation solutions to optimize staff work and counting to facilitate access to your services.
Finally, save money, act on the well-being of users and the environment by following the cold chain and using sub-metering (water, energy…).

Focus : Smart City uses cases


Use counting to know the number of pedestrians or cyclists circulating in your area. Thus, you can use this solution to optimize the configuration of your premises.
On urban roads or outside the city, count the number of vehicles (trucks, cars…) circulating on the roads. Use the artificial intelligence of your video surveillance cameras or sensors (laser, electromagnetic…).
You can also count the available parking spaces.


Evaluate the quality of the air in order to act on the well-being of the population. You can measure fine particles, air pollution or gas in the air.
Follow your consumption to counter possible water leaks, energy losses or other mechanism malfunctions.
Measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, wind, etc. to inform citizens of current weather conditions.

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Uses cases to promote to others sectors 


The industrial sector represents an important part of the French territory, that’s why a connected territory includes solutions adapted to the professionals of the sector.
To optimize the work of teams, use predictive maintenance to detect anomalies quickly. Staff safety can be reinforced with geolocation or counting solutions (PTI, ATEX zone…).
You can also geolocate your equipment in warehouses to prevent theft or loss, and geolocate delivery vehicles to optimize your costs.


Improve the management of agricultural land by installing sensors that evaluate the treatment of the vineyard, check the state of the soil (temperature, humidity, pesticides…) or automate greenhouses (watering according to the temperature…).

Use geolocation to take inventory of equipment, to counter loss or theft of equipment but also to quickly find livestock.

Public building

IoT solutions in the transportation sector encompass train stations, airports, tunnels … and can be deployed for users and/or staff.
Use indoor metering solutions to optimize spaces and services.
Improve staff working conditions by geolocating equipment within your infrastructure and prevent loss or theft.
On maintenance sites, use geolocation or metering to reinforce security and act quickly in case of accident (PTI).

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